The law firm sets its fees according to the work done for the client and after the client’s approval, in accordance with the ethical rules of the lawyer profession.

The fees may vary depending on the time spent, the difficulty of the case, or the economic and financial issues.

We can apply one, or more, of those billing methods:

  • Flat fee: Our law firm can suggest you a package where a fees budget can be determined in advance.

  • Hourly billing: Our law firm can consider to work on a billing depending on the time spent. This method is generally consider where the situation do not allow us to fix in advance the volume of work to perform.

  • Contingent fee: Our law firm can propose you a billing method depending on the result of the case and set in addition to an initial flat fee or a hourly billing.

  • Subscription: Our law firm can suggest you to work on your legal and tax needs on a subscription basis. The subscriptions can be progressive.

Please note that an appointment at the law firm is billed 200€, excluding VAT, which is 240€, VAT included. The hourly rate of the lawyers is between 200 € and 240 € depending on the complexity of your case (these prices are excluding VAT).